Paver Block Manufacturing Process

Paver Block Manufacturing Process Video and Article Given Below, We will try to explain Wet casting Paving Blocks Manufacturing Process Like concrete Floor tiles and pathway tiles, parking area paving tiles :-  

A Paver Block Plant Requirement.

A paver block plant requirement for Basic machinery Given Below. as our experience in this Concrete Paving Blocks industry We will try to provide you best knowledge in this regard.

  • 2 Vibrating Table Machines.
  • 1 Pan Concrete Mixture ( for Mixing color or Top Layer mix ).
  • 1 Concrete mixture ( Recommended PAN Style Mixture Machine ).
  • Air Compressor ( for spray Coating ).
  • Electronic Weight Scale.
  • High Quality PVC Paver Moulds ( or High Glossy Plastic Paver Moulds its depend on you. We recommend our prime Quality PVC Paver Mould for best result ). Full Day production Quantity of the PVC Paver Moulds ( synthetic Rubber paver moulds ) / High Glossy Plastic paver moulds  Depends on your per day production requirement and Labour Skill.
  • Land for a new paver block plant requirement. 1000 SQM to 2000 SQM Minimum.

Basic machinery for a new paver block plant a given above, Always try to Use PVC Paver Moulds for Glossy Finishing surface. Our PVC Paver Moulds vey Easy to De-mould, Please watch below given video for Paver Block De-Moulding Process.